What Are Plant-based Diets

According to nutritionists the world over, eating more plant-based foods and less meat is a healthier lifestyle in many ways. Eating a plant-based diet is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons, ranging from accessibility and health benefits to animal cruelty concerns. In-depth research into this lifestyle has been conducted as its popularity grows, and dietitians are seeing positive results among its practitioners.

Does Plant-based Mean No Meat at All?

There are many ways in which people approach a diet that eliminates or cuts down on meat. One of the attractive facets of this lifestyle change is that you can adjust your preferences at any time. There are four main classifications of people who cut some or all animal products out of their diet.

  • Those who follow a flexitarian diet cut down on meat in varied amounts. Most flexitarian try to eat a primarily plant-based diet but include meat in some of their meals.
  • Vegetarian, or Lacto-ovo Vegetarian. These practitioners eliminate all meat from their diets and obtain their protein from plant-based sources. Many do, however, eat products derived from animals, such as dairy, eggs, and honey.
  • Individuals who consume products that are solely derived from plants eat a vegan diet, which excludes any animal products, even if the animal is not killed to harvest the product. Persons who live a complete vegan lifestyle also choose to eliminate any animal-derived products, like leather and feathers, from their home and wardrobe.
  • Raw Vegan. A raw vegan diet is what it sounds like. Practitioners only eat raw plant-based products.

What Are the Health Benefits of Giving up Meat?

Individuals who choose to cut some or all animal products from their diet often see improvements in their overall health. Some of the ways that a plant-based diet is beneficial include:

  • Helping to keep cholesterol levels low
  • Plant-based diets are high in cancer-fighting nutrients
  • Nearly all causes of mortality are lower
  • Weight loss and maintenance is easier
  • Lower risk of Type-2 diabetes
  • Improved heart health
  • Reduced high blood pressure

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