The Clinic

Rosa is not your typical medical clinic. People walking through our doors for the first time describe our space as an environment that feels good, is welcoming, comfortable, and calming. We pride ourselves on being a friendly space that holds and supports the healing of our participants on all levels.

In addition to the doctors’ and nutritionist’s consultation rooms, we have a classroom and a new Learning Center, which provides a comfortable atmosphere for most of our classes, movies, and other events. Our Resource Room provides an informal sitting space, access to a library of books, DVD’s, CD’s, and other opportunities to learn, listen, and connect.

The flow of our office is also very different than most. Once you join us, our office becomes an extension of your local comfort space. Although regular appointments and classes are scheduled, we are here to help you whenever we are available with additional coaching, cooking tips, and medical and nutritional trouble-shooting. You can often hear us laughing and bantering; although we take what we do very seriously, we believe that fun is one of the best medicines.

We bridge the gap between Conventional and Functional/Personalized Medicine and therefore, work WITH your Primary Care Providers. You could view us as consultant and coach, rather than primary care doctors. We do the investigative work to find the root causes of illness and provide the nutritional and lifestyle strategies that work for you. We also help to clear the mental and emotional barriers that often prevent success, and teach, coach, and empower you to transform your life!