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We love sharing the success stories of our members. See what Rosa can do for you!


"The biggest parts of my success are Dr. Laura’s passion & interest in every person, combined with the energy & excitement in the dynamic. I have more energy & just feel better. I really recognized on a deep level that this is what I needed & I am much healthier for it!"

"I have seen a huge improvement in all areas of concern. My sleep has vastly improved, I have energy, I'm working out, my gut health is much improved. I was feeling very discouraged about my health journey having worked on it for 2+ years. Dr. Laura and the Rosa team really helped to put everything in the right order as well as address some underlying issues through testing that no other doctor had done to date."

"I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. The doctor I was seeing had me on synthetic hormones & that was not improving my health. at 30 years old it was very disillusioning to be feeling so terrible. Rosa Transformational Health provided the support & inspiration I needed to continue to better my health &numbers & even achieve pregnancy! I think that Rosa is a critical piece that is missing from our health care system!"

“I was to the point where I could not find myself anymore. After just 3 months I have much less brain fog, I’m sleeping peacefully throughout the night, my stress level is way down, I’ve got lots of energy & I’m enthusiastic about things!”

“I was feeling really lousy, overweight, high cholesterol, etc… I’ve lost 30 lbs, my energy is easy up & I’m sleeping great! My pants went from a size 40 to 36 & I might have to go down to a 34! I am meeting all my goals & more!”

“On my quest for information I feel like I have had an incredible college course on diet, nutrition & fitness. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone!”

"No more Hashimoto's, A1c down, lost 15 pounds!"

"I felt like I was twice my age. I had no energy. I’d gone to other doctors who just brushed me off. I’m so thankful for the doctors at Rosa Transformational Health. I feel they saved my life. I now have hope again!"

"After about 4 months in the program I have lost 40 pounds and have tremendous energy! If you have any questions about not feeling good or having enough energy, I really encourage you to see what Rosa can do for you because they are awesome!"

"I have lost 60 pounds, diabetes is better (went from 3 meds to one med); osteoporosis is now osteopenia."

"I was 70 when I came here. I know I am going to live past 100. It is better to feel good instead of being decrepit. At 70 I was feeling decrepit. I decided to change that. I saw…these people are talking my language."

"I was tired of being sick and heavy.

Successes: Losing 38 pounds so far and having no trouble keeping it off, the knowledge of what foods effect me bad and how to avoid them. I am off of blood pressure medications, feeling better, my sense of worth is now high. I have tried all kinds of diets and plans and never had success, UNTIL I CAME HERE. Now I feel better, have more energy, and overall outlook is great! Best money I have EVER spent."

"No more high blood pressure, no more high cholesterol. I am now a former diabetic!"

"I came here with my wife thinking, ‘if you are going to do this, let’s do it together’ and I have ended up having some beneficial results.

Weight loss was the big one…40 pounds! I have also gotten rid of sleep apnea and sleeping better in general.

What I like about Rosa, as an engineer, is the root cause approach. Going back to what is causing the problem and not just treating with pills."

"I came to Rosa Transformational Health because I couldn’t find myself anymore. I was brain fogy, didn’t have energy. I was stressed out and my body was getting bigger and bigger and I didn’t know what to do about it.

Here I learned to take better care of myself. Learn how your body works.

After only 3 months I had much less brain fog. I’m sleeping through the night, my stress level is way down, I’ve got lots of energy and I’m enthusiastic about things.

I’m really glad I came here and I would recommend it to anyone who is motivate to not feel old when you’re not really old!"

"Struggling with weight and energy levels for the past 10 years. There were times it was a challenge for me but I stuck with it! I’m now down 30 pounds and my joints hurt less which is huge. I am sleeping solid through the night and actually feel rested in the morning. My last blood tests showed almost all of my numbers in the normal range, where I was borderline diabetic before. Overall, I think I have given myself the gift of a happy life by doing this program. I highly recommend it."

"I had started to feel really lousy, overweight, I’d had a 5-way bypass, knee surgery, three back surgeries, just not feeling good. I lost 30 pounds! My energy is way up and I’m not having any trouble sleeping. I went from a size 40 in my pants to a size 36. It’s well worth it and it works! I am meeting all my goals and more."