Starting Small: How to Avoid Shocking Your System with Dietary Changes

It seems like fad diets appear like clockwork every few years. While some people try these often-extreme diets and report incredible results, this is usually only part of the real story. What you don’t hear about is the side effects of suddenly shifting your eating habits overnight.

Developing a healthier lifestyle certainly takes effort and discipline but taking things too fast is a recipe for disaster. Rosa Transformational Health offers guidance for uncovering your own internal healing processes, and we believe in making mindful, healthy changes instead of shocking the body into compliance.

Avoid Sudden Major Changes

When you have grown accustomed to a particular diet, changing things dramatically can have disastrous results. It’s best to introduce changes to your diet gradually, assess how your body responds to these changes, and then adapt accordingly. Stay away from fad diets and extreme diets that require you to completely change your dietary habits overnight. These sudden changes can cause nausea, unexpected reactions, decreased energy, and many other possible negative side effects.

Increase Your Water Intake

Hydration is key to healthy living, and many people do not drink enough water. Many common beverages like tea, coffee, and soft drinks do not provide the hydration your body needs to maintain a healthy metabolism. As you start changing your diet, increase your water intake to keep things moving steadily.

Change Your Daily Routine

Sometimes it’s easier to adjust your dietary routine if you also change up your daily activity schedule. Getting stuck in a routine is different than sticking to a healthy routine, and your new dietary changes will mean creating a new healthy routine for day-to-day life. As you introduce changes to your diet, start incorporating new forms of exercise and try new activities to make your changing lifestyle more fun and engaging.

Rosa Transformational Health is a different kind of medical clinic in Southern Oregon. We provide guidance for transformational healing and lifestyle changes built around your lifestyle and health goals. Contact us today for more information about how to change your diet in a more gradual, safer manner.

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