Medically-Directed Wellness Programs:

We offer Medically-Directed Wellness Programs that consist of a personalized program plan within the supportive structure of a group dynamic. With deep level functional testing we are able to create personalized treatment programs that address the underlying causes of poor health with nutritional therapies, lifestyle education, and mind-body awareness techniques.

Our participants are supported through a combination of education, structure, and coaching/mentoring. These three details have been scientifically proven to be the key to ensuring the greatest opportunity for success. We combine our vast knowledge of both western and functional medicine, our lifetimes of experience in our nutrition and healing professions, the science behind what helps people make lasting change, and our unique sensibilities in the art of working with people and their innate desires to heal.

We ourselves have been amazed at the power of healing in the program that we have created, and in the successes that our participants have seen. Many of our program participants report feeling better than they have in years, and in some instances, a lifetime!

We specialize in sustained weight-loss, reversal of diabetes, autoimmune disorders, gut issues, brain fog, fatigue, thyroid and other hormonal imbalances, and more. We help you gain hope, develop new healthy coping strategies, create a new outlook on life and cultivate new self-care habits.

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