Our Namesake

José RosaWe chose to name our clinic after a teacher of ours named José Rosa. We have learned an enormous amount from José through his teachings and also through his actions. José was a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, and student of life. He was a brilliant, fast-moving man who loved the richness of life in all of its aspects. In his mid-50’s, he was given the diagnosis of end-stage pancreatic cancer. He was told by his western doctors to have immediate surgery and get his affairs in order. Instead, he sought the help of indigenous healers, who told him that he could heal himself of his cancer, but he would need to change many, many things: his ideas, his opinions, his habits, his food choices, and his lifestyle. He had a choice. He chose to ‘go for it’; to drop what was holding him back and to move forward. His ‘end-stage’ cancer resolved in a matter of months, and he became a leader and teacher for many of us who are facing the realization that we do, in fact, have control over many aspects of our own health and healing. Often we just need to get out of our own way, get the right help, and do the necessary work. We have dedicated ourselves to helping bring out the health in our patients in the way the José and his teachers have shown possible.