Ideas to Beat the Winter Blues

If you notice that your mood changes a little during the winter months and you feel like you need a little boost to stay in a positive mood regularly, consider visiting Rosa Transformational in Southern Oregon and using the following tips to keep a smile on your face!

  1. Write down your favorite memories in a journal. If you use a journal daily, it can help improve the way you feel.
  2. Get enough sleep. Don’t overdo it and sleep for too many hours a day, but you may need eight hours instead of six during the darker winter days.
  3. Eat a healthy diet. Try to increase your vegetables and drink more water during the winter.  Watching your nutrition and remaining healthy can help you beat the sluggish wintertime feeling many of us experience.
  4. Exercise as much as possible. When you don’t want to exercise in the winter, and it becomes inconvenient because of bad weather, it is easy to stop doing it altogether.  Exercise is the best way to combat a low mood.  Consider walking as a habit so that you can get out of your house daily.
  5. If you work at home, consider working at a restaurant, library, or coffee shop. You can also find co working spaces that help keep you in a light social environment as you work.  Some people find it easier to work and get things done when they are in a public place and aren’t as distracted as they are at home or in the office.
  6. Meditate for a few short sessions a day. You can easily meditate and clear your mind so that you have a space that allows you to let go of the things that give you a low mood.
  7. If you’ve tried a few things and you still feel down, you may want to consider light therapy! The lights are supposed to elevate mood and are great for people who suffer from seasonal depression.
  8. Lastly, increase your activities with family and friends. See a comedy show or have a game night every week to make socializing a priority.

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