Functional Medicine VS COnventional Medicine

Functional vs. Conventional Medicine 

No question...our medical system saves lives. It is set up to save lives. The whole system is expert at helping people in crisis get out of crisis as fast as possible and back to their baseline.  If you are having a medical emergency, your hospital is set up to whisk you in and fix the immediate problem, whether it is a clogged artery in your heart, kidneys that don’t work, injuries from a car accident, or an overwhelming infection.  

Even in primary care, your medical provider is set up to fix or reverse whatever your crisis happens to be: you are not sleeping, you are depressed, your blood sugar is too high, you are in pain...  

Here’s the thing.  

The ‘quick fix’ that we have all grown accustomed to is ALMOST NEVER the long-term fix. Our medical providers have been pushed by our insurance industry to do the least costly, quickest thing that is going to get you out of their office. Usually, that means giving a prescription.  

Although some medications save lives, almost NO medication fixes the problem. Whether we are dealing with sleep or depression, gut issues, blood sugar or blood pressure issues, obesity, pain, fatigue, brain dysfunction, autoimmune disorders, or degenerative conditions, YOUR MEDICATION IS ONLY A TEMPORARY FIX.  

And with only a temporary fix, the underlying issue usually gets worse.  

You get worse.  

You suffer more.  

You get frustrated and give up. 

You take more medications.  

You feel worse.  

Your quality of life gets worse.  

You find yourself with no life.  

You look back on your last 10 years and think, “what happened and how did I get here?” 

Here comes your Functional Medicine doctor in her white cape to save the day!! 


Well, no. Well, kind of.  

What will she do?  

So, here’s the truth:  

1. Every symptom, every dis-ease, has one or several root causes. Your doctor is not trained to find that root cause in most cases. If we find the roots of what is causing your issues, we can help you to turn them around.  

2. Your body has the innate ability to heal itself, if given the right tools. Most people don’t even know where to start to find the tools that are right for their particular body or their particular situation. If you are given the right tools, you can start to get your health back.  

3. The fact that the answers are out there is a BEST KEPT SECRET. Because it requires more time and a deeper dive than your insurance company is willing to pay for, most medical providers don’t offer it. In fact, most medical providers are not even trained to know what that deeper dive might look like.  

4. It is NOT out-of-control expensive. With the right Functional Medicine program, you can get what you need without breaking your bank.  

5. It is NOT that difficult. We have helped more than 600 people get their health back in the past 6 years. We dare say that it can even be FUN. 

How do you learn more?  

The good news is that finding out more is pretty much risk free. You book an appointment to talk with Dr. Laura. She spends an hour with you, reviewing your whole case. And you have a conversation about what could be next. And then the decision is up to you.