Free Dinner Seminars

Because our approach is so unique, we want to invite you to a free Dinner Seminar so you can get an inside look into how different we are and how Personalized Medicine might help you. The Seminars offer you an opportunity to meet Dr. Laura, to learn how Functional Medicine is used to address the whole person and your complexity of health issues, and to learn why our participants are experiencing such incredible results.

We also discuss common health issues that affect our community and how these are successfully resolved here at Rosa Transformational Health. Our most popular seminar, “Stress, Hormones, and Health” offers insights into how stress plays an important role in many system imbalances, including your digestion, hormones, and weight. Other Seminars include Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes, and Thyroid and Fatigue.

We offer a delicious healthy dinner while you have fun and learn!

Space is limited. Call now to reserve your spot!
(541) 816-4336
For more information please contact us.
We encourage you to bring your family and friends.