Starting Small: How to Avoid Shocking Your System with Dietary Changes

It seems like fad diets appear like clockwork every few years. While some people try these often-extreme diets and report incredible results, this is usually only part of the real story. What you don’t hear about is the side effects of suddenly shifting your eating habits overnight. Developing a healthier lifestyle certainly takes effort and […]

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The Benefits of Sleeping Longer

Many busy people don’t want to spend 7-9 hours of their day sleeping.  There is always a lot to do, and people are overloaded with obligations in 2019.  This not only causes added stress and anxiety, but a lack of sleep can lead to certain illnesses and be damaging for mental health. Productivity Many people […]

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Kickin' Caffeine

Week One: Kickin’ Caffeine

I’ve made it through week one of the Rosa Transformational Health Wellness Program and I’m happy to say I’m still alive! In week one caffeine and artificial sweeteners are eliminated. Normally the caffeine would have been difficult as I’m usually a 1-2 cup of coffee a day kinda guy but due to extenuating circumstances in January […]

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