frequently asked questions

What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine, also called Root Cause Medicine, focuses on getting to the bottom of your symptoms and chronic illness. At Rosa, we don't believe in a pill for an ill, but instead we look at the individual and what they are going through so we can help heal from the inside out. We look at the whole body system and aim to heal mind, body, and spirit.

Why Don't you take insurance?

Unfortunately, our insurance system only covers treatment they deem "medically necessary" and what we do is considered preventative medicine. We have worked hard to minimize costs to our members and have multiple payments options to make care accessible to everyone.

where are you located?

Our office is located in Medford, Oregon. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have transitioned to entirely virtual appointments which has made it possible for us to reach across the entire state of Oregon! If you are outside of Oregon, check out Dr. Laura's Get Your Health Back Academy to gain all the knowledge and tools necessary to regain control of your health.