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As a team, we have created a Menu of Services that allows you to explore and transform your health through Functional Medicine by either dipping a toe in the water or jumping in with both feet. We recommend the latter but recognize that each individual has a different comfort zone and budget. We hope that our ‘magic’ is worth your investment. 

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Deep Dive Consultations with Dr. Laura

Take the deep dive with Dr. Laura and gain insight into what could be causing your health issues and how to turn them around. Leave your first visit with a game plan!

Be ready for an in-depth review of your history and some serious problem- solving!

One Hour with Dr. Laura Robin 

New Patient Visit $250

Follow Up Visit $375

Appointment Packages

with Dr. Laura Robin
$999 + cost of labs

Get the time, testing, and treatment you need to get to the roots of your chronic health issues so you can Get Your Health Back

  • Three Follow Up Visits
  • Personalized Care Plan

  • Support and Education

Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching

Amy Rouse and Melissa Grens

Initial Coach/Nutrition Visit
1 hour
$   75
Coach/Nutrition Follow-up Visit
30 minutes
$   60
Coach/Nutrition Visits (Set of 4)
30 minutes each
$   200
Coach/Nutrition Visits (Set of 10)
30 minutes each
$   400

Rosa Power Program

Intensive Wellness Reset Package 
10 weeks

  • 4-Week Elimination and Gut Repair and 14-Day Rosa Detox

  • Online Video and Written Education Program

  • Weekly accountability, Personal Coaching x 4

  • Supplements for 60 days

  • Text and Email Support

Rosa Signature Total Transformation Program

Get Your Health Back, Transform Your Life. 
4 months

  • Full set of functional labs

  •  3 provider visits 

  • 3-months online education

  • Personal coaching x 6 visits

  • Program supplements for 90 days

  • Follow-up labs

  • Personalized hormone and/or thyroid care.

Extensive Deep Dive Program

Six Months to Two Years

Take a deep dive into your health, co-create a plan that best fits your individual needs. 


Payment Plans

We partner with Ally Lending to offer payment plans to make our care more accessible for everyone.

Call the office to see if you qualify!