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Get Your Health Back

Hi Rosa Friends!!

I FINALLY GOT IT DONE!! My first BOOK, Get Your Health Back, was published on August 7!! It is available on Amazon and Kindle.  We will have a few copies in the office for purchase.

While it is not an award-winning opus, it is a good introduction to what we do at Rosa and the principles behind why people get sick, why so many people don't even know it is possible to turn their health around, and how it can be done! 

I started this little book about 3 years ago. At exactly that time, Dr. Mona, my best buddy and partner at Rosa, was forced into an immediate and early retirement, and I was left to lead Rosa forward without her. So, even for a little book (126 pages), it took a while. But now it is done! 

This may be a good read for your friends and family who are struggling with their health, and/or are wondering how it's done.

What's Next? 
I am already at work on my next book, which will be a hands-on guidebook to help anyone, anywhere, take the first steps toward getting their health back. And soon, you will be able to check me out on YouTube and other social media sites, as I am starting a channel with free stream to help people who are looking for help. Doesn't everyone need a 'doctor next door' to be available to guide them along the way? Very soon, we will have the structure to be able to provide that service!

Stay tuned for our new Classes and Portal!

I wish you all happiness and health!

Dr. Laura