The Many Benefits of Music for Health

Music is more than just noises or sounds put together.  Living things are attracted to certain types of music, and even plants will change growth habits because of music.  While the power behind music isn’t entirely proven, it does have surprising effects on the health of humans.  The most significant impact of music is that it tells the brain to release dopamine, which elevates one’s mood.

  • One of the greatest benefits of listening to music is that it is a quick way that a song reduces stress. If you have an emotional or stressful day and feel like you don’t have as much control over your emotions as you want to, consider turning on music to help you remain calm.
  • Music also lessens anxiety in the same way it does with stress. If you feel anxious or even have panic attacks, try turning on a calming song and see if it helps.
  • Music is known to help people that have a hard time concentrating. Higher concentration because of music is especially true with music that doesn’t have lyrics or instrumental playlists.
  • Playing music is a great way to get better results when exercising. Consider running with an upbeat song or doing yoga for the length of your meditation music!
  • You can improve your memory with music. Listening to music can help you recall things from the past, focus, and remember things that you are supposed to do in the future.
  • Music helps people recover from surgery easier. Music is known to reduce pain and help patients before, during, and after an operation.  It is also known to reduce the pain from having surgery.
  • Music helps one cope when they feel lonely, fear, or anger.
  • Music is excellent for children with autism. Music helps them with social responses, communication, and attention span.
  • Babies heal faster and grow faster when they have music playing during and after birth. Music also helps premature babies that have to stay in the hospital for a while.

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