Making Meditation a Habit

Meditation is a common way to improve every area of your health.  Meditation is an effective way to help with stress, sleep problems, memory issues, injuries, anxiety, depression, and many other illnesses or disabilities.

The first step with meditation is just to get started.  What people envision as typical meditation doesn’t have to be the way you meditate. While you want to focus on clearing your mind, your space is should be setup in a way that benefits you.

If you practice meditation and it isn’t doing you any good, you may not be comfortable, or you could be doing something that doesn’t feel like it’s helping you let go of your stresses.

  • Start meditating with short moments to yourself. Find a comfortable position and take three to five minutes to start a guided meditation or just focus on your breathing for that amount of time.  Set a timer if you need to!
  • If you have a tough time falling asleep, meditating to sleep may be a solution to tossing and turning at night. Try to go to bed early and meditate as you fall asleep.  There are special meditations for sleeping if you want something specific.
  • You should find a few types of meditation that you like, for various times of the day. At first, you may want to have several different meditations for the various times of the day. Morning, Lunch, Evening, and Sleeping may be good habits to start with.  If you can’t do each time of day for a few minutes, try 30 seconds.
  • Find a way to count the benefits of your meditation practice. If it gives you benefits, be sure to acknowledge them!  Once the meditation is a habit, start increasing the amount of time you meditate daily, when it is possible.  The more you practice, the more you will see benefits and want to see more!

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