The Benefits of Sleeping Longer

Many busy people don’t want to spend 7-9 hours of their day sleeping.  There is always a lot to do, and people are overloaded with obligations in 2019.  This not only causes added stress and anxiety, but a lack of sleep can lead to certain illnesses and be damaging for mental health.


Many people are working longer days than ever in 2019.  Instead of eight-hour days, people take work home or stay in the office longer.  Once we get home, there is a push to take classes, go out with friends, or make dinner and take care of the kids.  While a body and brain on five hours of sleep can do this regularly, it’s proven that getting longer sleep and working less can yield the same results.  You may be able to get 12 hours of work done in 8 or 9 hours if you sleep longer!  You can also expect to have a better memory throughout the day if you’ve extended your sleep the night before.  Your brain will work harder and faster!


Sleep not only rejuvenates your body and mind, but it also repairs your body by releasing hormones that help grow tissue and repair the blood.  If you have muscles that hurt, sleep will help hem heal.  If your immune system takes a hit this summer from an illness, increase your sleep to heal faster.


Longer sleep can give you a better attitude around the people you love and at work.  Just like an infant, adults get grumpy when they don’t get enough sleep.  While we can’t nap throughout the day when we get tired, we do need to make sure that we get enough sleep, so we don’t need those naps to have a good attitude.  If you do feel like your mood is low, and you can take a nap, you will see a change in your attitude after just a short nap.

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