Alternative methods supported by research

21888163_SWhile we fully understand the importance of a natural, holistic approach to health and wellness, sometimes it takes a good bit of research to help get our message out there.

Changing a medical paradigm that has been established over centuries doesn’t happen overnight. Bit by bit, as more research is completed, the world will likely see an increasing meld of traditional medicine with functional, integrative and naturopathic approaches.

Just last year, researchers from the Mayo Clinic and the Kalish Institute released a study that used an integrative approach to address fatigue, stress and quality of life. Conducted over 28-weeks, the study was designed to assess the efficacy of functional and integrative treatments in treating digestive disorders.

In addition to the three factors mentioned above, researchers also utilized lab-based supplement programs and lifestyle and nutritional coaching in the course of their research.

The control group, represented by 21 women between the ages of 30 and 55 who work in high-stress environments, had three health factors addressed: Hormones, digestion and body detoxification.

Unsurprisingly to us, the researchers found that their efforts paid off in just about every health marker. The group reported significant improvements in their levels of fatigue, stress, confusion, inflammation and other digestive problems. Conversely, nearly 40% of the group reported an increase in their overall vitality.

The fact is, there is virtually a library of research supporting an alternative approach to treating illness. Simply click or tap on this link to check it out.