The Effects of Diabetes/PreDiabetes

The incidence of Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes is rising at an alarming rate. In the US, over 50% of the population is affected – and this is not just a disease of the elderly. We see it increasingly in our children. Why is this happening and what can we do? Multiple studies show physicians are not able to spend the time talking to their patients about pre-diabetes when elevated blood sugar (glucose) is found on routine labs. Fasting glucose should be less than 80-85. But then what? We KNOW this condition can be easily reversed with lifestyle modification alone. Indeed, simple lifestyle adjustments are superior to all other methods of treatment.


We also know, as blood sugar increases over time, the subtle ravages are at play. Diabetes disrupts the neurochemical pathways, leading to brain fog and memory loss, as well as emotional instability due to glucose fluctuations and accompanying hormonal imbalances. Our WILL centers are additionally impacted as carbohydrate and sugar addictions create a viscous cycle. People with diabetes and prediabetes can experience brain fog, fatigue, slower recall, low brain endurance, depression, anxiety, neurodegenerative disorders, and pain. Less noticeable, elevated sugars can be silently destroying the pancreas, kidneys, and blood flow to the nerves and extremities.


All of this sounds quite alarming, and it should because it is. If left unchecked, these conditions will rob an individual of their quality of life. The good news is that diabetes and prediabetes can be reversed and even avoided by making modifications to one’s lifestyle. A combination of exercise, targeted nutritional supplementation, dietary strategies, and mind-body awareness techniques can stop the progression of these diseases in their tracks and even begin to reverse them.


Here at Rosa Transformational Health we see this on a regular basis. We have created a program that effectively reverses these chronic conditions. The follow-up article to this one will discuss in-depth strategies that we use in our clinic to reverse diabetes and prediabetes.

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