A Nutritionist Takes His Own Medicine

This week I’m going to start taking my own medicine, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been guiding patients at the Rosa Transformational Health clinic through our 3 and 6 month programs but have never been through it myself. So, a couple of weeks ago I decided I would do the program. I would do it for my own benefit, as well as be a better guide for our patients and have greater understanding for what they are going through. Bare minimum, I’ll be following the program for 3 months and quite possibly longer.


One of the things I’m most excited about is having my own laboratory testing done. This is a key part of the program as it provides insight into my current state of health on a biochemical level. I’m 44 years old and have never had personal lab work done. In fact, the last time I actually had an official doctor visit, other than a trip to the emergency room due to a mountain bike accident, was as a teenager. I’m fortunate that I’ve been in relatively good health my entire life and haven’t had the need for medical tests, but now I’m curious, and want to know what’s going on in my physiology.


I’ve been a nutritionist for close to two decades but that doesn’t mean I’ve had the most perfect diet. And recently, my body has been trying to get my attention. Aches and pains are getting worse, muscle stiffness is becoming compromising, and I’m finding that it takes noticeably longer to recover from physical activity than it did just a few years ago. It’s for these reasons that I want to push the proverbial “reset” button on my life.


This will be the most demanding undertaking I have attempted in my health and to be honest, I’m a little nervous. The first six weeks consists of a food elimination diet, and supplements designed to begin healing the gut. By the time the six weeks is over I will have eliminated all caffeine, sugars, grains, legumes, eggs, and nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, all peppers, and eggplant). Say bye bye to the “comfort” foods! After this, I will embark on a three week medical detoxification program designed to enhance liver function and reduce my overall toxic burden. Toxins build up over a lifetime, like a rain barrel, and therefore I would like to drain as much out as I can. Once this is complete I begin a long process of food reintroduction, adding just one food each week and monitoring for any reactions or lack thereof so I know whether to avoid it or not.


The purpose of this blog will be to document my experience each week. It’s my goal to be as honest as I can about my journey. I also hope to be a source of encouragement for those who are currently going through the program or are considering going through it. I’m excited to embark on this next phase of my healing process and I’m actually thrilled to take my own medicine.


Join me next week as I discuss what I’ve discovered in my lab results and what the first week was like!

2 thoughts on “A Nutritionist Takes His Own Medicine

  1. Ron . . . I am sooooooo glad you are taking the “Challenge” with us! I am lucky to be on your team at the same time. I just logged on to your blog and am impressed with your writing skills. I am definitely going to be reading your blog every morning. ( I am ready for the Week 3 blog now.) It is really encouraging to see your views and know that I am going through the same thing. I love the Valentine story. I made it through Valentine’s day because I didn’t have any temptations. But I succumbed one day when I was melancholy – and bit the dust (sugar and chocolate dust). . . . a chocolate and caramel and peanut butter protein bar (not nearly as good as your truffles sound), and some dark chocolate as well that night.
    It’s OK – It’s OK! I’m back on it now – no sugar . . . . going for the “no gluten” and no “corn”.
    They are in EVERYTHING! . . . but – look at all the things I can still eat!
    Yeah! . . . . I can do this!

    PS: Keep writing your wonderful blogs!

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