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The Total Functional Health Reset and Get Your Health Back!


You CAN get your health back!

Rosa Transformational Health is a pioneer in the Functional and Personalized Medicine movements. We believe that most chronic health conditions can be reversed. With years of western medical experience complemented by extensive functional and integrative medicine training, Dr. Laura Robin and her team specialize in reversing most chronic health conditions. Our personalized programs have helped hundreds of people feel better, reverse chronic conditions and get their health back. And now, Dr. Laura has taken what she's seen work at Rosa Transformational Health for the last six years and turned it into an affordable, self-led course in Functional Medicine. Join The Total Functional Health Reset and Get Your Health Back!

Every BODY is different. Find what works for you.



At Rosa Transformational Health, we believe that having the proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are some of the most important factors in restoring your health. While you can make huge progress by changing the foods you eat, sometimes you need a little extra support. Rosa Restoratives is our solution. We offer top quality nutraceuticals so you can feel your best and get the support you need, without any of the added junk you don't want in your supplements.

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